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Episode 6: Resilient Build-to-Rent
Steering through the pandemic

It’s a case of hindsight in 2020 – thanks to income supplement schemes and social welfare, the rental income from multifamily/build-to-rent assets has been more stable than rental income from commercial/industrial assets. In this episode, we breakdown the build-to-rent market, discuss the impact COVID-19 has had on this asset class and how it could recover quicker than any other property type, while offering a safe haven for investors.

Episode 5: Dealing in Debt: The impact of COVID-19

Uncertainty over lender’s willingness to provide loans, and on what terms is a concern being faced by both investors and borrowers alike. There is a weight of capital sitting on the sidelines ready to invest but transaction activity is slow due to COVID-19 related issues, including the provision of debt. In this episode David Gippel and Andrew McCasker from CBRE’s Debt and Structured Finance team provide insight into the impact COVID-19 has had on the debt and credit markets and what we can expect to see moving forward.


Episode 4: A safe return to work with Jim Bilger

As the world’s workplaces reopen, there is growing interest around what measures are in place to ensure a safe return. In today’s episode, we talk about workplace experiences and what our property managers are doing to ensure everyone returns to the workplace in a safe and stress-free way. We sit down with Jim Bilger, Executive Managing Director of Property Management at CBRE, to take a look at the current state of play in the United States and see what insights they might be able to offer.


Episode 3: Proptech & Place: The way forward for real estate

Over the past few months, businesses have swiftly adopted online models, new technologies and social distancing measures to keep their doors open and their employees and the community safe. With proptech continuing to disrupt and influence real estate (and life) as we know it, what role will technology play as we transition to a new normal? In today’s episode our Head of Digital Solutions & Innovations, Sue-Lin Tin sits down with Stefan Perkowski from our Advisory & Transactions Services, Office Leasing business to discuss how technology has changed the way we connect with our clients and community during COVID-19, as well as how we experience real estate.


Episode 2: The road ahead for food and beverage retailers

COVID-19 has been a game changer for food and beverage retailers around the world, with many operators adapting their business model overnight. So, what impact has this had on businesses as well as dining out experiences?


Episode 1: Reopening the world's workplaces 

There is a deep global understanding that we’ve all experienced something unique and difficult. So, what impact will this have as we reopen the world’s workplaces and how can organisations plan for this transitionary period? We speak with Shelley McDowell, Director of Customer Experience at CBRE about workplace experiences and how to prepare your building for re-entry.

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