Jamahl Williams

National Director, Operations, Valuation & Advisory Services, New Zealand

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Professional Experience

Associated Office


Level 37
ANZ Centre 23-29 Albert Street
Auckland 1010

Jamahl Williams is National Director Operations for Valuation & Advisory Services. With over 16 years’ experience, Jamahl has worked in a number of commercial property valuation roles in both Auckland and Hamilton. He joined CBRE in 2010 as a Director of Valuation & Advisory Services and during his tenure has continued to build an excellent reputation, particularly in the development land sector.

Jamahl’s primary responsibilities include developing a sustainable risk management framework for CBRE’s New Zealand Valuation & Advisory Services business, and ensuring valuations comply with external and internal standards and policies. He will provide training, development and mentoring to the New Zealand Valuation & Advisory Services team, while providing advice to the Asia Pacific regional team on New Zealand valuation related issues. Jamahl is also CBRE’s key client liaison with the New Zealand banking credit risk sector.