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Complaints and Dispute Resolution Procedures

Our complaints and dispute resolution procedures are designed to provide a simple and personalised process for resolving any issue you may have about the service you have received.


Call us and speak to the manager designated to receive complaints.
 PO Box 2723, Shortland Street, Auckland 1140
 +64 9 355 3333

 Managing Director:
 Andrew Stringer

 South Auckland
 PO Box 112241, Penrose, Auckland 1060
 +64 9 573 3333

 Managing Director:
 Claus Brewer
 PO Box 5053, Wellington 6145
 +64 4 499 8899

 Managing Director:
 Matthew St Amand

 PO Box 13643, Christchurch 8141
 +64 3 374 9889

 Managing Director:
 Tim Rookes

Tell the manager what your complaint is and what you would like done about it.


You may be asked to put your complaint in writing.

Should the manager ask you to put your complaint in writing please allow 10 working days for us to respond. The manager may need to talk to team members involved with the issue and then provide you with a response.


Meet with members of our team to discuss the issue and agree a resolution.

As part of the response in Step 2, we may ask you to meet with members of our team to discuss the issue agree a resolution. If we are unable to come to an agreed resolution after a meeting, or if you do not wish to meet with us, then we will provide you with a written proposal to resolve your complaint.


If you do not accept our proposal, tell us (in writing) how you would like the complaint resolved.

Please advise us in writing within five working days if you do not accept our proposal and if not, suggest another way of resolving your complaint.


Implement the agreed resolution or if no agreement is reached, arrange mediation.

If we accept your preferred resolution we will attempt to implement that resolution as soon as possible. If we decline your preferred resolution we may invite you to mediate the dispute.



If we agree to mediate the complaint but do not settle the complaint at mediation, or we do not agree to mediate the dispute then that will be the end of our process.

Please note:

You can still make a complaint to the Real Estate Agents Authority in the first instance, and even if you use these procedures you can still make a complaint to the Real Estate Agents Authority at any time.

The Real Estate Agents Authority
c/- PO Box 25-371, Wellington 6146, New Zealand
Phone 0800 for REAA or 0800 367 7322