Specialising in the acquisition, disposal and valuation of storage facilities, our experts provide innovative solutions for self-storage assets.


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As the industry leader in self-storage, our experts offer a suite of services including the acquisition, disposal and valuation of self-storage facilities and storage units throughout New Zealand. We leverage our local knowledge, national relationships and global reach to provide integrated and streamlined solutions for clients.

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  • Building, growing and operating a successful self-storage business takes time, patience and drive. Selling one is no different and preparing for this process can take time, years even, but getting it right, like anything else, will yield results.

  • Following the growth of the self-storage industry in Australia, New Zealand is currently experiencing similar growth in supply of self-storage facilities with relatively low barriers to entry and strong population growth dynamics driving generally strong occupancy rates across the country.

  • Self-storage is a relatively new class of commercial property in Asia Pacific that has been seeing steadily rising interest from investors lured by the sector’s strong fundamentals, relative stability, and attractive yields