The success of workplace change relies on the right approach

09 May 2022

By Kirstin Cooper

The success of workplace change relies on the right approach CBRE New Zealand 972x1296
An inviting workplace delivering a variety of spaces, high-quality technology, and opportunities for connection is what will attract your team back into the office after the last two years of on-again off-again lockdowns.

Remote working definitely has its place and there’s no doubt that many organisations will continue to support hybrid working going forward. But people have missed the sense of human connection achieved from being physically in the workplace, and from those impromptu conversations and interactions throughout the day. Added to that is the mental health and wellbeing benefits that come from being around other people.

When considering a workplace transformation, whether it be a relocation or refit of existing premises, the physical workspace is important, but is only piece of a much bigger puzzle. What is equally as important is ensuring your team is ready for the new workspace and that they know how to use it to its full potential from the outset.

Our Workplace team achieves this through the development and implementation of a detailed change strategy. This process is heavily informed by research and how an organisation wants to work in the future to support business strategy. It includes wide engagement across the business about upcoming change including leader interviews, design interviews, an employee survey and focus groups. These insights inform the overall change strategy and plan.

Our team focuses on ensuring people feel supported and heard well before we move into the implementation phase, acknowledging that change can be disruptive. All employees are given an opportunity to provide feedback early in the process about what they like, ideas they think we should integrate, concerns about new ways of working, and how to make the new environment exciting and welcoming, not just for their team but for clients as well if appropriate.

Ultimately the aim of a change management strategy is to create a positive experience and a sense of anticipation. Making the process as transparent as possible is key, staying true to three key aspects which result in a successful transition and adoption: people, place and technology.

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