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ESG in Retail Real Estate

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Talking about property is so much more than the physical building – we go beyond the buildings and warehouses and look holistically at real estate operations and the impacts to all its community.

In this episode of Talking Property, Sameer Chopra, Head of Research, Pacific & ESG, Asia Pacific at CBRE sits down with Alicia Maynard, General Manager of Sustainability & Technical Services at ISPT, Melissa Schulz, General Manager of Sustainability at QIC GRE, and Michael Hobday, head of Network Strategy & Portfolio Optimization at 7-Eleven Australia.

Together they uncover the latest in occupier and landlord initiatives in retail real estate, across topics from emissions & waste management, community engagement initiatives and employee diversity.


Sameer Chopra

Head of Research, Pacific & ESG, Asia Pacific, CBRE

Sameer leads a Pacific wide research team, to identify key forces responsible for influencing commercial real estate across all sectors. Throughout his career, he has developed a keen interest in ESG, with particular focus on the corporate sector.

Alicia Maynard

General Manager of Sustainability & Technical Services, ISPT

Alicia is responsible for the development and implementation of ISPT’s ESG Strategy, including managing the engineering operations of ISPT’s $20bn property portfolio. An Engineer by training with extensive experience across design, construction and building operations in ASX-100 listed and unlisted organisations, Alicia brings a pragmatic, outcomes-based approach to maintaining and improving the performance of ISPT’s property portfolio.

Melissa Schulz

General Manager of Sustainability, QIC GRE

Melissa is responsible for providing leadership on ESG strategy development and execution across all QIC GRE functions, at both a fund and asset level, and is a key member of QIC’s Global Real Estate executive committee. Melissa has over 20 years' experience in environmental management, community investment and corporate sustainability.

Michael Hobday

Head of Network Strategy & Portfolio Optimisation, 7-Eleven Australia

Michael has worked in retail for over 20 years including supermarkets, department stores, food & beverage, and petrol & convenience. Having worked in senior roles across property, construction, design, and development, Michael brings a broad commercial view to ESG from a retailers perspective.

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