Shang (Roger) Du

Senior Analyst, Research, New Zealand

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Professional Experience

Associated Office


Level 37
ANZ Centre 23-29 Albert Street
Auckland 1010

Shang (Roger) Du is a commercial property research specialist based in Auckland. His expertise lies in the Auckland industrial market, New Zealand commercial property market outlook, and data management. He regularly produces public reports and offers consultancy services.

As part of his role, Shang contributes to the creation of comprehensive Commercial Market Monitor reports in Tableau, providing in-depth data and insights on commercial and industrial stock, supply, vacancy, and absorption changes over six-month periods.

Shang actively participates as a member of the Asian service team at CBRE NZ, where he delivers presentations to the company's Asian clients during regular events. He also plays a key role in preparing for and attending client meetings with major companies involved in New Zealand commercial real estate.

Before joining CBRE, Shang obtained an Honours Degree in Economics from Victoria University of Wellington. His thesis and coursework focused primarily on Economics and Econometrics, providing a solid foundation for his research on market outlooks and capital markets.