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Connect tenants to the environments, amenities and communities that create a positive employee experience using Host from CBRE.

Create a positive employee experience with Host from CBRE

An Engaging Experience For Employees

Blending our experience across placemaking, hospitality, technology and property, we partner with landlords, owners and occupiers to create an unparalleled workplace experience. Tailored to specific client requirements, we design and deliver placemaking and employee engagement strategies to increase well being and create a positive employee experience. Our exceptional front-of-house teams are integrated with building management to ensure a seamless experience –while the proprietary Host app conveniently connects employees and tenants directly to building services and amenities.

Create Competitive Advantage For Your Asset

The Benefits of Host From CBRE

Create A Positive Employee Experience

To find out how our employee experience services and intuitive app make any location the ideal place to do great work, get in touch with our team today.

Property Management

Maximise property performance with innovative problem-solving, management solutions that meet your needs, cutting-edge technology and unique amenities.