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Tenant Representation Services

Acting exclusively for occupiers, our tenant representation experts act on behalf of tenants for all their commercial property requirements in New Zealand.


How Your Company Will Benefit From Having a Tenant Rep Broker

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Providing Access to the Right Space and Properties
As many commercial properties aren’t formally advertised, due to the reliance on word-of-mouth for property listings and professional networks, our tenant advisors provide clients and occupiers with access to all properties on the market. Securing space before it’s on the market reduces the competition, which influences the final rent.

Sharing Property Market Knowledge and Industry Tools
With the right tools and knowledge, it’s easier to find a new property that suits your requirements. Once our tenant representatives have established the type of property your business needs, we will shortlist the best properties available on the market and support your real estate strategies, financial goals and overall business goals.

Lease Negotiation and Securing Favourable Terms
As the world’s largest commercial real estate company, we take advantage of our global network to negotiate in your best interests and explain unfamiliar terms and concepts. Our tenant representation services team is here to provide support and guidance on commercial leasing agreements.

How Tenant Representation Services Work

  1. Understand Your Business Goals

    We do this by understanding your business’ structure, competitive landscape, and strategic and operational goals and focus on helping you gain competitive advantage through real estate strategies and structuring innovative transactions.
  2. Act As Your Advocate

    Using our expertise to ensure your best interests are served, always.
  3. Offer Property Market Intelligence

    Utilising our global network to provide in-depth market knowledge, thought leadership and advice on the latest property industry trends.
  4. Provide The Best Property Options

    Investing the time and money to unearth all suitable properties with any commercial property brokers plus also analysing your “stay put” option.
  5. Negotiate The Best Lease Terms

    We negotiate final alternatives simultaneously creating leverage, generating more serious responses and more attractive portfolios. This is particularly important when dealing with an existing landlord.
  6. Create Efficiencies and Value

    Our innovative tools manage your costs and save you time and our company network can provide services to support and deliver exceptional outcomes for your business.

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