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Specialised Assets Valuation

Providing independent valuations for specialised assets, our property valuers advise operators, owners, investors and lenders across a wide range of property types.


Determining the Market Value of Your Assets

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Some real estate assets require specialised advice, with sector-specific needs differing from one market to the next. Our registered valuers focus on determining asset value and advising fair market value across sectors including retirement housing, childcare, public and private hospitals and medical centres, hotels, motels, tourism, universities, polytechnics, food processing facilities, data centres, service stations, libraries, museums, and fast food restaurants.

Consistently delivering accurate and strategic advice to calculate the market value of an asset, our asset valuation professionals work collaboratively with clients and investors. The depth of experience, specialised market knowledge and attention to detail provided by our valuers, combined with our local and international research and extensive database, ensures we provide the service you need in a timely manner.

Specialised Assets Services

  • Valuation of single assets or portfolios for financial reporting, mortgage security, acquisition or disposal purposes, insurance and market value advice
  • Rent reviews, rental advisory and lease structuring, rental determinations and arbitration
  • Alternative use valuation advice
  • Advisory services including financial modelling, development feasibility modelling, investment strategy, due diligence, council rates objections and forecasting
  • Pre-purchase consultancy and due diligence 
  • Independent negotiation

Property Valuation Types

  • Our specialist property valuers provide retirement housing valuation advice for investors, owners and operators.

  • Using local and global data, our property valuers calculate the asset value of hotels, motels and leisure-related properties throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

  • For real estate valuation advice in the early childhood education sector, our childcare centre valuers have the experience you need.

  • Providing valuation advice for self-storage facilities and storage units throughout New Zealand, our specialised property valuers provide integrated and streamlined solutions for clients.

  • Operating across the healthcare sector, our registered valuers provide expert advice on medical centres and public and private hospitals throughout New Zealand.

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Valuation & Advisory Services

Our valuers provide independent valuations of commercial, industrial, residential and rural properties for clients, owners, tenants and investors across New Zealand.