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Our property valuers provide independent valuations on commercial, residential and rural properties for owners, tenants and investors across New Zealand.

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Property valuations are a key factor in guiding property and financial decisions. Our registered property valuers are committed to providing accurate and professional advice informed by the latest local and global trends and data, combining quality service and trusted expertise. Our nationwide team of property advisors deliver independent valuation advice across all property types and interests.

Trusted, Independent Registered Property Valuers

Our team provides knowledge and advice you can rely on, offering a consultative approach that follows best practice procedures to deliver the most accurate and reliable property valuations. The benefits of being one of our clients are:

  • State-of-the-art property valuation tools and processes enable us to provide a range of reporting tailored to specific asset classes and requirements.
  • Full time, in-house Quality Risk Management advisors help to understand and mitigate risk for our clients.
  • In-house Research department provides in depth data and analysis to inform our valuations.
  • Dedicated software systems engineer with a valuation background enables us to interpret, analyse and leverage data to go beyond merely providing a valuation number.
  • Absolute commitment to client confidentiality and data security.

Types of Property Valuations

Committed and Professional
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Property Valuation Types

  • residential-valuer-and-residential-valuations-cbre-new-zealand-695x695-(1)

    Realising the true value of your property is not as simple as an equation. Get a property valuation for your house, townhouses, apartment, bach or development project from our independent property valuers.

  • office-rentvaluation-cbre-newzealand-695x695

    Our team of commercial property valuers specialise in all aspects of office valuations throughout the country.

  • industrial-valuations-property-valuers-cbre-new-zealand-695x695

    Gain accurate insights on the value of your industrial and logistics assets from our property valuers around New Zealand.

  • retail-property-valuation-property-valuers-cbre-new-zealand-695x695

    Active in the retail market across the country, our property valuers bring global perspectives to local retail valuations.

  • rural-property-valuation-property-valuers-cbre-new-zealand-695x695

    From single farm valuations to large portfolio assessments, we provide specialist valuation advice to clients throughout the country.

  • hotel-for-sale-and-valuation-cbre-new-zealand-695x695

    Using local and global data, our property valuers calculate the asset value of hotels, motels and leisure-related properties throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

  • retirement-village-valuations-retirement-village-for-sale-cbre-new-zealand-752x752

    Our specialist property valuers provide retirement housing valuation advice for investors, owners and operators.

  • childcarecentreforsalevaluationscbrenewzealand695x695

    For real estate valuation advice in the early childhood education sector, our childcare centre valuers have the experience you need.

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