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Property Portfolio Services

Our portfolio managers provide a consolidated and accurate view of your property portfolio data and offer financial management and portfolio management services.

CBRE portfolio managers provide reliable data and property portfolio management services

Improve the Operations and Performance of Your Property Portfolio

With the importance and volume of data growing exponentially, it’s critical your company has the information it needs to support decision making, business strategies and future investments. We partner with clients to create visibility of their real estate portfolio data, helping them reduce cost, improve performance, drive profitability and mitigate risk while staying compliant, wherever their property portfolio is in the world.

Using a variety of market-leading and proprietary technology software, we have the resources to manage your day-to-day property portfolio data and provide critical intelligence for your business. With end-to-end data-driven services, we create complete property portfolio solutions that meet your business needs. By trusting us with responsibility for the management of your rent payments and portfolio obligations, we will deliver savings, reduce risk and manage landlord and sub-tenant interactions on your behalf, leaving you free to focus on your core business objectives.

Commercial Real Estate Portfolio Services

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