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Multi-Unit Residential Property Development Valuation

Our multi-unit residential property valuers deliver market-leading valuation solutions and advice to developers, companies and private clients.

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Providing fully researched and timely advice, our residential property valuers assist developers, companies and private clients to understand the current market conditions, key value drivers, risks and worth of their projects. We pride ourselves on our in-depth local knowledge, industry contacts, professionalism and our attention to detail.

Our team of highly experienced registered valuers cover the full range of property in the sector, including multi-unit apartment developments, terrace house projects, housing development projects, residential subdivisions and land sites within Auckland. Our experienced valuers appear on bank panels throughout the country, and our independent property valuations are accepted by all major banks operating in New Zealand.

We are proud to offer clients access to the latest market intelligence and resources with our Auckland apartment database, developed by our in-house research team. Combined with our access to general economic and property data and trends, demographic information as well as project specific information, we partner with clients to create solutions.

Residential Valuation Services

Our registered valuers provide valuation and advisory services including:

  • Development funding reports (mortgage security)
  • Mortgage security valuations
  • Market value ‘As If Complete’ and of development sites ‘As Is’
  • Gross realisation
  • Sale in one-line value
  • Market data and research
  • Ownership interest assessments
  • Pre-purchase consultancy and due diligence
  • Development advice and consultancy
  • Highest and best use analysis
  • Feasibility analysis/modelling
  • Insurance valuation

Types of Residential Property We Value

  • Apartment projects
  • Terrace house projects
  • Mixed-use assets
  • Land and development sites

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Valuation & Advisory Services

Our property valuers provide independent valuations on commercial, residential and rural properties for clients, owners, tenants and investors across New Zealand.